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Convert HTML and Javascript knowledge into apps

You are working with the Internet developing for the web managing HTML, CSS, Javascript and possibly different framworks like JQuery. You may have started developing for a plethafora of different devices/clients emerging like smart-phones and pads on many different browser platforms using mobile web techniques but haven't had time to delve into the details of developing "apps".

You do have great ideas and even applications that you wish to translate into a money maker on "app" market but don't know how to do it? Or just offering your customers a "gadget" that would help making your business more "cool". We could help you with that. It doesn't have to be costly and it don't have take a lot of time to make it real.

We will be using HTML5 and Javascript technologies to develop the "app" and then use the Internet's coolest technologies to adopt it for the major brands of smart-phones and pads on the market

You get what you need independent of it is a standalone "app" e.g. like a game or something more sophisticated where the "app" client has to interact with a server/database.

We can help you to get going. With in-house training you'll will in a reasonable short period of time be proficient with developing "apps" for all major brands of smart-phones and "apps". You will learn the markets leading technologies and have the different developer platforms set-up and ready to use.

We teach for your needs

Exactly. Making your business "app" proficient is what we do




Mobila Webs

Some examples

Coming soon (or if urgent - now, on your request)

Specializing in mobile clients with database access i.e. "app's" and mobile web with database access. We develope complete systems with data base access with focus on the dynamics aspect on the client side as well as operations and maintenance aspects in the back-end systems. You will be able to run and maintain your applications from smart-phones and pads.
The Geishaboy team has long experience from the IT- and telecom-sectors. We have experience from development of computer architecture, computer design, compiler development and programming languages and lately the www from when it all started.
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