Help info Statistics demo

Additonal information concerning the demo.

This demo presents live information from the slider field on HTML5 canvas. The system scans the sliders and presents their values live in a bar chart. Information from any source may be scanned and presented. Values could come from files, ports, databases or an application like an A/D sampler.

For every scan of the slider field the HTML5 canvas is erased and recreated. Every time a contextual switch to set values for either context, the "switched to" context reloads the sliders with its values.

Select: Set values for planned or real

Select "planned" to set values for the red "planned" bars in the chart or "real" for the blue "real" bars in the chart.

Day sliders

Simulates values coming from e.g. a port. The set is used for 2 contextual graphs presented together in the same diagram. To use the sliders to set values for either context, switch context using selector "Set values for planned or real" above.

Set all Sliders to

Sets a single value that will set all "Day sliders" to that value when the button "Execute Set All Sliders" is pressed.

Execute Set All Sliders

Will transfer the value set by "Set all Sliders to" all "Day slider" write buffers. If no context is selected by the menu "Set values for planned or real" when this button is pressed no change will be seen in the chart. Chart will change to these values when context is set and both contexts will be updated with this value.