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Memory Zen SOS™

Learn the Morse Code and have fun

Memory Zen SOSMemory Zen SOS is another twist of the popular Memory game. Here the objective is to match Morse signals. We are good at remember visual objects and the more familiar they are the easier they are to memorize together with their corresponding positions on the game board. A sound does not have shape and its origin can only be referred to from where the finger was touching the screen. To play the memory game with letters is easy, human faces raises the difficulty but replacing letters or faces with sounds makes playing the game a daunting task.

The game is orientation aware and will re-orient itself with the orientation of the screen. It has a click counter and a chronometer making it suitable for measuring progress or to compete. There is also a control for revealing the alphabetic letter of the signal when a cell on the board is touched. Making it to the end, i.e. matching all the Morse signals of the board a cheerful fanfare is played to mark success.

The game augments your capacity to focus and concentrate. You will need to remember both the position as well as the signal sequence of the sound of the touched cells. The game may also be a game option for a child or person that is blind or having a seeing impairment.

No particular skills are needed to play the game it is completely intuitive.

Screen Sizes

The game is designed to size the content of low (240-320), medium and high (320-480) density screens for the “Smart-phones” as well as for tablets. It also re-arranges and re-scales content on device orientation change.

There is no loosing playing this game but we may loose the patience, giving up before all cells are uncovered. When finally all cells are uncovered you will be greeted with a cheerful fanfare and your handset will vibrate briefly.


You play the game without visual hints. Succeeding to match two signals their corresponding letters are revealed together with their audible pronunciation in English or Spanish. Proceed to match signals until the entire game-board is uncovered. Every time you start a new game a different random set of signals will chosen for you by the game logic. For English the selection is from the 26 alphabetic Morse signals and for Spanish 27. The game could be played using the “reveal first letter” option. When you play it this way the letter corresponding to the Morse signal will be shown when a cell is touched. Played this way the game mode is the same as for a regular memory game with visual objects.

To make the game a little more challenging the notion of a “first click” has been introduced. This simply means that if the second touch is unsuccessful the following touch becomes a “first click” e.g. making a first touch, then a second touch that doesn’t match the first and then a third touch that matches the second, you will not score a match. This way the possibility of a “lucky strike” is lower and the game has become more difficult. So remember: you may hear the same Morse signal in sequence but observing that nothing was revealed. When that happens, trust yourself and return to where your fingers where, touching those two cells again to score.

There is no loosing playing this game but loosing the patience, giving up before all cells are uncovered. When finally all cells are uncovered you will be greeted with a cheerful fanfare and your handset will vibrate briefly.

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Adminstrative details

The application is not free. Please consult Android Market and App Store for pricing

Technical details, support

Supports smartphones
Iphone 3,4, Ipad and smartphones plus tablets/pads based on the Android platform
Supports os-versions
IOS: 4.3+, Android: 2.3+
Supports screen sizes
240x320px, 320x480px, +
Supports screen-densities
Latest version Iphone/Ipad
Version: 1.0
Latest version Android
Version: 1.0
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