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Memory Zen - a psychological game for the young mind




The game

This mini version of the game was firstly developed to explore JavaScript event handling. The functionality was split between server PHP for building the gameboard then JavaScript for the client side interaction.

The first version was configurable for a set of different game boards and made for large screen as will be seen from references below. It was then evolved to pure HTML5 (Javascript) utilizing Jquery and Jquery Mobile to get the mobile footprint i.e. for "smartphones" and finally PhoneGapped to run as an "app" on the Iphone and Android platforms.

To see the first full version, running it as a mobile web or buy the "app", please visit:

Specializing in mobile clients with database access i.e. "app's" and mobile web with database access. We develope complete systems with data base access with focus on the dynamics aspect on the client side as well as operations and maintenance aspects in the back-end systems. You will be able to run and maintain your applications from smart-phones and pads.
The Geishaboy team has long experience from the IT- and telecom-sectors. We have experience from development of computer architecture, computer design, compiler development and programming languages and lately the www from when it all started.
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