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The "app" for easy and efficient recruitment

Geisha Boy decorationFill the empty spaces in your organization through an "app" that you always have available in your "smart-phone" independent of where you are. After log-in and after 3 taps/swipes only the details of the candidate of your choice appears in front of your eyes. You yourself configures what you would like to see in the selection menus by checking the professional roles desired in a configuration menu, the rest is managed by the system behind the "app" using your profile information.

Imagine a situation in your company's steering group where one of the subjects on today's agenda is replacing the loss of a strategic professional, a position that have to be filled swiftly avoiding a possible stall in operations. You have already done your homework in the corridors on your way to the meeting and are able to present the details of suitable candidates when the agenda reaches the issue.

The system is built on the latest open standards: HTML5, CSS3+, Jquery, Jquery Mobile, PhoneGap, PHP and MySQL. These fine technologies will provide for safe and fast paths to upgrade front- and back-end without dependencies on a particular vendors platform and his commercial agenda meaning that your service will keep even pace with you when you grow or your eco-system changes.

What do you need to do?

The "app" is easy to download and install on your "smart-phone" but to be able to use it you need to sign up for a service agreement with Emperator AB. After registering you will obtain the details you need to download the "app" and you'll get the credentials you need to use the service so you can start recruiting. Depending on requirements for personal integrity and security log-in is personal meaning that each one of your employees will be provided with personal credentials.

This is how it works


The menus

This is where you log on. You could enter directly and start doing recruiting or configure your primary menu with the roles that you have in your organization. If you need to set up your primary menu, first enter your user id and password then check "Make new menu" before hitting submit. A multiple choice menu will be presented where you check the roles that correpond to your needs. When done just klick submit and you'll see your primary menu - ready to be used. The menu you just made is saved in your profile for your subsequent sessions.

Logged on
Here is your roles menu. Tap one to work that category.

This is a list of candidates according to the role you chose in the previous step. The list is sorted according to competence and experience from the role.

Candidate detail
This is a compilation/survey of information for a candidate. The survey contains studio pictures and information describing the candidates qualities and experiences. Candidate CV and validation certificate could be downloaded here. You may from this page make a request towards the candidate using: sms, e-mail or telephone.

Solving a problem

If you run into problems with a menu e.g. the menu looks strange or that it doesn't respond as expected it may depend on that you left it active in your smartphone for a longer period. As the "app" depends on a server it's session may have expired after a period of inactivity

Push the home-button to get to your home-screen. Double-click the home-button to see the "apps" that are loaded in memory. If you are unable to see the icon for this "app" scroll horizontally by swiping until you see it. Now tap and hold your finger for a second over the icon and remove your finger. Now you'll se a red circle with a minus sign at the left top corner of the icon. Tap the red circle of the icon to remove the app from memory. Tap the home-button once to return to your home-screen. Now find the app on your home screen, tap to start it and log-in.
Tap the home-button to get to your home-screen. Press and hold the home-button to launch the task-manager window, then push the "Task manager" button located at the bottom of the window. In the taskmanager, locate the app then press the "end" button. Now restart the "app" from your home-screen and log-in.





You may download the app by contacting Emperator AB

Technical details, support

Supports smart-phones
Iphone 3,4 and smart-phones based on the Android platform
Supports os-versions
IOS: 4.3+, Android: 2.3+
Supports screen sizes
240x320px, 320x480px, +
Supports Screen densities
low,medium,high,x-high (retina)
Latest versions
Version 1.0

Specializing in mobile clients with database access i.e. "app's" and mobile web with database access. We develope complete systems with data base access with focus on the dynamics aspect on the client side as well as operations and maintenance aspects in the back-end systems. You will be able to run and maintain your applications from smart-phones and pads.
The Geishaboy team has long experience from the IT- and telecom-sectors. We have experience from development of computer architecture, computer design, compiler development and programming languages and lately the www from when it all started.
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