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It took some time but WEB 2.0 it is here with unprecendented posibilities
Frameworks! It is all about frameworks
No more pageloads. Everything comes before your eyes silently. That is Ajax
Jquery, Jquery Mobile and PhoneGap. The vanilla web, dynamic mobile webs and "apps".
The bad news: it is not be done by anybody anymore
The good news: Anything can be done
Go Smart : Go Mobile : app-up your business

HTML5Your customers change computers and cell-phones as they change underwear. You don't have to worry that much about what's behind you. Everything you do have and ever will get is in front of you. GeishaBoy specializes in the future i.e. HTML5, AJAX, JQuery, JQuery Mobile, Phonegap and whatever future-safe frameworks there are and will be. Adobe systems is steaming full speed ahead towards this new emerging world of IT solutions and Apple is caught in the HTML5 trap. Everything starts to converge at last.

Stuff your business into the smart-phone or whatever pad you too. Keep what you have for the web or why not: rebuild it with mobile technologies.

CSS3We analyze your needs, build your database, program drivers for your server backend, do design, layout and front-end programming for the clients. Your target customers may be web, mobile web or "app"-users on any large platform.

JQueryYou'll get what you need to become successful with your products and services. If you would like to bolster your presens by configuring your web for the big search engine's advertisement services, we do have years of experience setting up Adwords and Analytics i.e. to configure and set up for day by day operations. If you just would like to get going with advertisement and statistics we will get you going.

Wellcome !


With technology as well as customer and customer benefit in focus







Wellcome to Geishaboy. "Database everything and go mobile"

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You get the latest
If you are a small or medium size company and too tied up with older enterprise solutions, the road ahead to a bigger customer base is wide open by using the now ready technologies and our knowledge to swiftly establish your presence in the mobile clouds.

We offer solutions based on open standards like MySQL, PHP, Javascript/JQuery and that are found and compatible on/with all client/server platforms. There is no better choice for economy..

Our Experience
We do have long experience with background in development of computers, compilers, programming languages and longtime experience in real-time systems for telecom. Even if your requirements aren't that demanding we will understand your needs better and faster and will be able to put your company on the map quicker than most.

Specializing in mobile clients with database access i.e. "app's" and mobile web with database access. We develope complete systems with data base access with focus on the dynamics aspect on the client side as well as operations and maintenance aspects in the back-end systems. You will be able to run and maintain your applications from smart-phones and pads.
The Geishaboy team has long experience from the IT- and telecom-sectors. We have experience from development of computer architecture, computer design, compiler development and programming languages and lately the www from when it all started.
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